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Residential Locksmiths

In need of a locksmith for your home?

As well as providing an emergency lockout service, we provide many more locksmith services for your home. We offer a free no obligation security survey which provides advice on the best locks to keep you, members of your family and your property safe. We provide a key cutting service, and we fit, repair, service or upgrade all locks around your home, including window and UPVC locks. We also have a lock and security hardware store located in Leeds, so you can pop in and speak to one of our locksmiths face to face during opening times for all your lock and security needs. See below for all the services we offer.

Take a look at one of our recommended locks

The Ultion Lock has an incredible suite of security features that work to secure your home against major attacks on your door.

Emergency Lockouts

We offer a fast and reliable emergency lockout service using non destructive methods where possible. We understand that finding yourself locked out can be a very stressful experience. But fear not, one of our friendly locksmiths will ask a few simple questions and give an estimated time of arrival. We guarantee to be with you on time and to gain access speedily. We always use non destructive methods where possible. We will also change your locks if needed.

Key Cutting

Our highly skilled locksmiths use the latest computerised key cutting machine. We can cut numerous different types of keys for your home, including keys that are cut to code, such as keys for the Ultion Cylinder Lock, Yale Platinum, Magnum and other high security locks, along with padlock keys, gate keys, garage keys and many others. We can also provide keys keyed alike, meaning one key fits all locks. This saves carrying a multitude of keys around with you. 

Lock Service Repairs or Upgrades

If your existing locks in your home are jamming or not working as smooth as they once did, one of our experienced locksmiths can service or repair your locks at a very reasonable rate. We also perform a stress free burglary repair service which includes changing all your locks to keep you, your family and your property secure. Our locksmiths also advise on lock upgrades, and have a vast knowledge of the best security products on the market.   

Window & UPVC Locks

Window and UPVC locks can be very vunerable to opportunistic thieves. Our locksmiths can secure your windows and UPVC doors with high quality, fully tested secure locks to keep your peace of mind. We can also install child safety locks to keep your children safe from falling out of open windows or letting themselves out of your front door without your knowledge. We supply a wide range of products suitable for windows and UPVC doors. 

Domestic Safe Opening

We can supply, install or open your domestic safe should you have forgotten your code or lost your key. Our experienced locksmiths can open digital, combination and key lock safes. There are numerous different types of safes on the market and should you require one, our locksmiths can advise on the best safe for your home and the best location. We can also cut extra keys if needed for members of your family. 

Security Survey

Unfortunately too many people have suffered burglaries at the hands of offenders, who have broken into their homes by bypassing low security cylinders and locks. One of our experienced locksmiths will attend your home, and examine your exisiting locks and other security devices. You will then receive advice and recommendations on upgrading your home security should you need it. Our locksmith will recommend the best way forward suited to your budget.

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