Why Choose Us?

Some things you should know about us

  • Decades of experience

  • all methods

  • non-destructive entry and DESTRUCTIVE

  • train according to level of ability

  • course is tailored to you

  • backup support service hotline

  • uPVC doors

  • both off and on the market types

  • Unrivaled customer support

  • Solid As A Lock’s instructors have
    real world experience in the locksmith trade

    Both in the classroom and the field we put you in touch with locksmiths who can help give you both technical and practical guidance about all aspects of the business.

  • Solid As A Lock teaches
    all methods

    With us you will get a working knowledge of a wide variety of locks used in both residential and commercial settings. We will teach you many types of non-destructive entry, and how to do destructive entries if the situation necessitates it.

  • Solid As A Lock is tailored
    to your needs

    Our courses are available for all levels of expertise. Our instructors respond to students’ questions, needs and suggestions.

  • Solid As A Lock goes far beyond
    the classroom

    If you are a maintenance company or housing association with a team employees to train and have a location available – we will bring the workshop to you – no extra cost!!

  • Solid As A Lock wants
    you to succeed

    We strive to make sure our students are as prepared as possible for work in the trade. We will teach you not just about the technical aspects of being a locksmith, but also about the financial aspects of the industry. We also give you practical know-how on how to set up your van and get the supplies you will need to thrive as a locksmith.

  • Solid As A Lock is there
    to help you

    We have a free, 24 hour support hotline. If you find yourself in a conundrum while in the field you can call us for fast professional advice on the situation. You can call us as much as you want for as long as you need us.

  • Solid As A Lock specialised in
    uPVC doors.

    UPVC doors have become increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom because they provide better security from burglaries than many other types of doors and because they never need repainting. Unfortunately, they also are highly irregular when it comes to their locking systems. There are literally hundreds of different lock types and fits on uPVC doors, making replacing parts a difficult deed. Solid As A Lock will help you learn to deal with this common difficulty. Not only will you become familiar with current locks on the market, but we will also teach you about obsolete brands and configurations.